About Feeding Freedom Foundation

Feeding Freedom Foundation came alive in September of 2020, in the midst of a long year of restrictions caused by the global coronavirus pandemic. The Foundation was started with the intention of helping our community during these unprecedented times. Its focus has been on something that is dear to all our members hearts--our nation's protectors. These fine men and women who represent our armed forces, police, fire departments, and emergency paramedics have all sacrificed in one way or another to ensure a safe community and the Foundation aims to give back to them in some way.

Here is the story of the founding of Feeding Freedom Foundation. During 2020 the founder of Feeding Freedom, James Parris, was closing his restaurant for good because the COVID-19 pandemic conditions. However, before his final goodbye he and a team of other community members business owners decided to pull their resources to help the neighborhood during its time of need. The result was the Crisis Kitchen Coalition, in operation for several weeks to help feed those in need who were short of funds due to the pandemic. Through the valiant efforts of James and the community, the Coalition provided over 80,000 free meals to the neighborhood, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to those in need.

Afterwards James wanted to continue working for the community and decided to ask his best employee, Lauren Lindquist, to join him on a new venture. The two then realized that whom they most appreciated and wished to aid is our military. Both James and Lauren come from military families and had both witnessed how during these times our military was being treated and decided to make a difference. They wanted to make sure people understood the sacrifices made by our military but also that by their family members. So, with the help of their neighbors at the successful Sol Agave restaurant group, James and Lauren were able to locate a mobile food facility (aka food truck). Sol Agave showed them how to operate the truck, gave them some potential business leads, and sent them on our way with the best wishes for success.

James and Lauren then came up with the name Tacos4troops and soon were off and running. They started with a few test runs at some of their now favorite locations, which include: Lost Winds Brewery, Artifex, Left Coast Brewery, and Rainbow Sandals. After a successful test run and great feedback from customers, James and Lauren realized that they had the potential to turn this operation into something of which the community would be extremely proud. Consistent with the Foundation's charitable mission, they started donating food for all active-duty military and ranted every veteran received a 50 percent discount.

Today James and Lauren have expanded with a second truck called Back the Blue BBQ dedicated to serving our men and women in blue and any law enforcement officers. They have also expanded food truck operations to large music venues now such as Livenation and local artists.

Please come and visit James and Lauren when or they are serving the community from time to time and find out what is new on the menu or see some of the amazing shows they attend. Thank you for your support and interest in Feeding Freedom Foundation.